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Alma del Viento

Alma del viento ensemble, which translates as the soul of the wind, cherishes traditional South American music from Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Chile, and socially engaged songs called Nueva cancion (New song) resulting from the resistance against the then political regime in Argentina and Chile in the 60s. They also cover Međimurje traditional songs. With the rhythms of huayña, cueca, chacarere, takiraria, zamba, vidale, chamame, we take the audience on a very special musical journey that is rarely heard in these areas.
An exceptional vocal performance is signed by the academic singer Ivana Galić, accompanied by Darko Horvat, who has performed in many European countries (Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Finland, Norway, Great Britain...), as well as in Kenya and the USA.
Academic musician Zrinka Božičević Plavec, flautist, who for more than 35 years has been studying, learning and playing Andean instruments such as the quena (longitudinal flute), charango (stringed instrument), sikus (type of Pan's pipe), bombo (drum). Behind her are numerous guest appearances in Europe and Bolivia and Peru.
The other members of the ensemble are the young self-taught drummer Filip Šmit (bombo, cajon) who collaborates with many musicians from the Međimurje music scene, versatile musician Mario Jagec, also the academic saxophonist, bass guitarist, arranger, leader of the Big Band Čakovec, Bernabe Romero (Argentina, violin and bandoneon), Francisco Soto (Peru/Slovenia; guitar, charango, sikus, quena) and Emanuel Romero (Argentina, bombo, percussions, cajon).

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