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Alma del Viento

Alma del viento ensemble interprets traditional South American music and cancion nueva and finds inspiration in the Argentinian singer Mercedes Sosa.
The songs and music of South America with an emphasis on Argentinian and Bolivian music.
With the rhythms of huayño, cueca, chacarera, takirari, zamba, candombe, vidala, chamame, we take the audience on a very special musical journey that is rarely heard in these areas.
Darko Horvat, a guitarist and academic flautist and exeptional quenist Zrinka Božičević Plavec (quena, charango, siku, bombo). Behind both of these versatile musicians, multi-instrumentalists is a long series of successful concerts, several sound carriers and numerous guest appearances in the country and the region. An exceptional and convincing vocal performance is signed by Ivana Galic.

Ivana Galic, vocal, bombo
Darko Horvat, guitar
Zrinka Božičević Plavec, quena, charango, siku, bombo
Filip Šmit, bombo, cajon
Mario Jagec, bass guitar
Bernabe Romero, violin, bandoneon, bombo

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