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Ivana Galic is a versatile vocal artist who skillfully and effortlessly manages to combine her classical vocal technique with various techniques of the contemporary genres. Her distinctive vocal expression as well as interpretation is so emotionally gripping that many find it moving (“It's a voice stirring emotion”) says Novi List newspaper and „a voice worthy of the world stage” as stated by pianist and composer Malek Jandali; "amazing vocalist and  interpreteur, "talento y arte" Luis Lugo, a Cuban pianist; "versatile vocalist and interpret"  (Rab News),

"Ivana's yearning vocality is the weapon edge of a track that is also remarked by lush six-string stylings and a great sense of pacing”

A soulful powerful voice that expresses itself in wide range of musical styles with great breathing support, controlled vibrato, perfect pitch, able to play with dynamics, colors, strong projection and resonance throughout whole range.

Her voice is able to execute incredibly fast text and runs.

Ivana is involved in vocal coaching, holds seminars and workshops (popular music styles - CCM Styles, cross pedagogy)

Ivana Galic is one of those rare interpretive singers who has the ability to make a song her own. She has the range, timbre and breath control to make even the most magisterial swoops seem effortless.

She knows how to colour a lyric by exploring potential textures, while leaving room to improvise.
She also knows the value of dynamics - when to sing behind the beat on a blues for example, or when to sing from the heart on some emotive soul -and when to soar effortlessly and hit and hold a magical note in whatever musical context. Her vocal armoury is based round her flexibility.

She has the confidence and innate ability to move from note to note and make a phrase her own, marrying a clarity of diction with the rhythmic quality of a song.
Just like the best Gospel singers she also has the ability to break down a line note for note, and knows how to control her attention-grabbing pitch and volume for those tension busting moments that allow her to crossover into rock. She has a rich timbre; phrases intuitively and never waste a note. She uses her vibrato sparingly to enrich each performance with a defining moment that suggests it could be her last ever performance,
Above all, what makes Ivana Gallic special is her attention to detail via lyrical empathy.

Musically speaking, she’s the essential link in a chain and occupies the same role as the very best evocative writer. Put simply there are stories and there are songs, but it always takes a very special conduit to bring them to life.
Pete Feenstra  

Features Editor

„A voice for every world stage” 
"many to Arabic interpreters should ask about Ivana Galic many of my friends here in Atlanta wonder how it happened that one Croat and singer who does not understand the Arabicl language so compassionately
perform " Watani Ana "?,
"I'll invite Ivana to Carnegie Hall .... And this is for CNN!" 

    Malek Jandali, pianist&composer (USA)

Ivana was a delight to work with and truly demonstrates professional and artistic talent in her voice and music. She wowed the Town Hall BIRMINGHAM audience with her soulful renditions of Precious lord and Motherless child. You could hear a pin drop when she began singing and the audience quickly warmed to her personality & sweet vocal tones. May she continue to reap international success. She is very much welcome to join us again any time.

Maxine Brooks Director (UK)
Birmingham Community Gospel Choir

"As I momently saw her on stage, I knew she was more then just a singer"
           Visnja Mazuran, harpsichord (Croatia)

“It's a voice stirring emotion” -
             Novi List, Croatian newspapers


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