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At the moment Ivana teaches in Zagreb, Osijek, Ravna Gora, Varaždin,Rab, Munchen.

She works with individuals and with vocal groups

Master Classes / Workshop

Ivana with her many years of professional experience and higher academic education (RCM London, ABRSM) teaches classical and belting technique - Contemporary Commercial Music styles and musical.

Through her own experience and cross-pedagogy developed by American vocal expert Robert Edwin,  she joined  natural talent, own personal experience  and large academic knowledge into her own method, which her students in any given, more or less talented, consider valuable and effective. She is increasingly appearing on the national and international scene as a vocal pedagogue.

Holds seminars in Croatia, Slovenia, England, Kenya, Germany. In 2020, she began collaborating with the Zagreb and Split Music Academy (master classes in popular genres and musicals).

Vocal Style Coaching - Techinque/Vocal Interpretation&Language


Gospel Blues

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learn more about

- vocal qualities, expression, story - telling, pharsing, diction, pitch, resonance and much more

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We provide full equipment and learn how to use microphone

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English Pronunciation and Phrasing

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If you want to improve your recording session hire a professional to help you to deal better your precious time in studio

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Every two months we arrange live performances

Having fun and learn how to deal stage fright :)