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Alma del Viento


Music from South America / Argentina, Bolivia, Peru..

In the Soundbrick Studio

Our first studio album Ch'uxñapacha / Spring soon available on Spotify and YT

The ensemble gathers in the middle of 2022, and in the spring of 2023, it presents itself to the public for the first time with a performance as part of Project Q'Art Ilica.
Performances at the Festival of love, poetry, music, wine and honey organized by the Matica Hrvatska branch in Sveta Nedelja; International Folklore Festival in Zagreb (European Square and Zrinjevac Pavilion) and Dvorišta Project in Zagreb with Takaatsu Kinoshita, respected Japanese folklorist, composer, guitarist; Batthyany Castle Ludbreg; Dugo Selo Preporod Hall, Jazz Forum Sesvete, Maksimir, KUC Travno; Mursko Središće with upcoming concerts in Croatia ( Petrinja, Slavonski Brod, Krk, Knin, Varaždinske Toplice, Zagreb, Samobor, Ivanić Grad...) and Slovenia (Brežice, Murska Sobota) joined byTakaatsu Kinoshita (Japan), Marion Gentille (France) and Emanuel Romero (Argentina) and Francisco P. Soto (Peru, Slovenia); planned tour in Chile and Argentina. They finished their first studio album Ch'uxñapacha / Spring (Soundbrick Studio)
International guest appearances as part of other projects: Zrinka Božičević Plavec and Ivana Galic with Juan C. Neira (Chile) in Canto con sentido y razon festival that took place in Austria, Spain, Sweden and France.

Ivana Galic, vocal, bombo
Darko Horvat, guitar, charango
Zrinka Božičević Plavec quena, charango, siku, bombo
Francisco Pancho Soto, guitar, charango, siku
Filip Šmit, bombo, cajon
Mario Jagec, bass guitar, saxophone
Bernabe Romero, violin, bandoneon, bombo

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