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A program of South American traditional music inspired by the greatest Argentinian singer and activist Mercedes Sosa. Songs and compositions from Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, and Uruguay are almost unknown to audiences in these areas. They are performed by musicians led by our best guitarist for Latin music from this area, Darko Horvat, (former member of the group Ayllu, Gato negro, Caiman verde and performed with Ricardo Luque and amigos, Davor Radolfi), current member of the Ayllu ensemble, academic flautist Zrinka Božičević Plavec (quena, charango, sikus, bombo). Behind both of these versatile musicians, multi-instrumentalists is a long series of successful concerts, several sound carriers and guest appearances. Authentic in their expression, they enjoy a reputation among their Latin American colleagues and faithfully represent that musical world. Darko and Zrinka are joined by versatile vocalist, concert artist Ivana Galic, drummer, percussionist Filip Šmit and bass guitar player and academic saxophonist Mario Jagec.

Vientos del alma - Viva Mercedes

Music from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru...

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