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Alma del viento ensemble interprets traditional South American music and cancion nueva and finds inspiration in the Argentinian singer Mercedes Sosa. The songs and music of South America with an emphasis on Argentinian and Bolivian music are brought by musicians led by a finger picking style guitarist and the best connoisseur of South American music from this area, Darko Horvat, (former member of the group Ayllu, Gato negro, Caiman verde, today performs with Ricardo Luque and amigos , and Davor Radolfie), current member of the group Ayllu, academic flautist and amazing quenists Zrinka Božičević Plavec (quena, charango, sikus, bombo). Behind both of these versatile musicians, multi-instrumentalists is a long series of successful concerts, several sound carriers and numerous guest appearances in the country and the region. The vocals are signed by Ivana Galić, and the drummer, percussionist Filip Šmit, and bassist and academic saxophonist, Mario Jagec, also perform. From the fall of 2023, the Argentine violinist Bernabe Romero joins them

Alma del Viento - Viva Mercedes

Music from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru...

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